2015 in Review: The Year of Feminism in Pop Culture!

The success of Feminism in today’s pop-culture landscape should by all means be celebrated! We’ve made it! But, 2016 is just around the corner and it’s likely to bring a rapidly growing number of venture capitalists who believe that feminist media is worth investing in for the sake of making money, not to empower women.

All Hail: How Adele’s Rolling Stone Cover Destroys the Male Gaze

What does it say about a culture when it’s considered “daring” to put a woman on a magazine cover without the pretense of sex? Adele’s new Rolling Stone cover, a tangent to her breathlessly anticipated reemergence, does just that, and it’s striking. Since the birth of art criticism, images of women have been read largely as subject to the male gaze, and it’s rare, even in this fourth wave of feminism, to see an image of a woman rejecting that gaze. She’s either languishing in it, or watching herself being watched. But Adele and Rolling Stone renounce this.

Amber Rose, Feminism, and Contemporary Pop Culture

On Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Amber Rose held her widely anticipated Slut Walk in Los Angeles. And while I was of course expecting some negativity, I was in no way prepared for the hateful commentary and backlash that ensued. Feminist backlash–which involves a direct, explicit refutation of feminism as misguided and bad for women [1] is…