Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event

I’ve only been in New York for 6 months but one of the things I miss most from Paris are the amaaaazing vintage stores littered around the Marais. I heard about the Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event that hosts over 75 of New York’s premiere vintage retailers and I was pleasantly surprised to find vintage from…

Currently Trending: Iridescent Nail Polishes

From the runways to beauty bloggers, we’ve been noticing more and more luminous nail looks. Here’s a roundup of the best polishes to help get your digits glowing with this fun trend.

Enter my hero: Amal Clooney is Back in the Spotlight

In the two years that Amal has been linked to George Clooney, I have never once seen her use her status to flaunt herself in front of the camera. And after two years and endless curiosity from the media and gossip columnists, she’s doing her very first interview to talk about this very important case.
If you’ve ever wondered just how morally upstanding is Amal Clooney, I highly encourage you to read this story or watch the interviews and witness the brilliance and righteousness firsthand.

The Choker-Bandeau Top Trend

I spy a new fashion trend! Who else is ready to rock the Choker-Bandeau Top trend this New Years? We’ve already seen our favorite fashion starlets modeling the trend, now it’s your turn. Get the look: Shop Onia’s Laura Choker Bandeau Top for $90.00 Shop American Apparel’s Choker Top for $38.00 NastyGal’s Motel Whudda Croc…

7 Wearable Tech Trends To Know

And as I make my way further into the tech world, I’ve noticed how big of a market there is for fashion in tech. The more I learn about tech the less I am surprised by this, as both the social media industry and online shopping industry cater overwhelming to women. We are the target market because there is both a large demand from women for products and services that combine fashion and tech as well as companies who are eager to supply them.

Fall Fashion: Over-the-Knee Boots

So this weekend I came across an amazing fashion blog that showcased my favorite fall fashion trend: over-the-knee boots! The fashion blogger put together a selection of boots that she likes (below), giving me the idea to put together my own collection of my favorite over-the-knee boot fashion moments over the last few years. (Below)…

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You can now follow my blog on bloglovin It’s a really great platform that keeps track of all the blogs you follow and makes their posts your “mini feed,” if you will.  You can download it on your phone too! -Luxorlust