Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event

I’ve only been in New York for 6 months but one of the things I miss most from Paris are the amaaaazing vintage stores littered around the Marais. I heard about the Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event that hosts over 75 of New York’s premiere vintage retailers and I was pleasantly surprised to find vintage from all eras–and specifically some sellers here in the city that I will be shopping at again soon!

Here’s a quick panorama of the venue – like I said, over 75 retailers with free whisky being served, not bad for some Saturday afternoon shopping.


Ok, so back to the vintage! Here’s a recap of several of my favorite pieces and where to find them.

Olive’s Very Vintage – 434 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Meet Jen, the owner of Olive’s Very Vintage and some very unique designs like this jacket! Designed in the 80’s by a man named “Don” for his then-girlfriend “Liza,” this piece truly encapsulates the dreamy 16 Candles 80’s romance that you wish you had.

80’s not your thing? Not to worry, Jen’s collection was one of the most unique with pieces from every staple vintage era. Check out more on her Instagram, Facebook, and Blog.

Angela’s Vintage – 26 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003

Meet the fur coat I never knew I needed. Who wore it best? [Macklemore not pictured].


Angela’s Vintage was hands down one of the best booths at the event. The clothes ranged from opulent furs (pictured above), lacy gowns, hand-embroidered bralets, vintage Chanel  purses and both the black ensembles pictured below (which I would wear in heartbeat around town!). What I loved most about this collection was that if you’re not interested in the old-school pin-up style vintage you can still find something for yourself here and work it into your wardrobe without it screaming ‘vintage,’ if you don’t want it to.

You can find out more from Angela’s Vintage on her Blog and Youtube Channel.

Appare Japan – Online Store

This booth was easily the most distiguished out of the bunch as it was more of a vintage concept than actual vintage. The jackets are made to order on Appare Japan’s online store with dozens of styles and colors. Currently the company is holding a giveaway of one of the jackets which retail at around $550.00.

For more information you can find Appare Japan on Instagram and Facebook.

Last but not least–because it wouldn’t be vintage without some hearty 80’s punk and 90’s grunge!

Spark Pretty – Online Store(s)


I got to meet the girls behind Spark Pretty, NYC’s premiere 80’s and 90’s virtual vintage shop! This store is every inner fly-girl’s dream with everything from denim jackets to neon leotards to windbreaker suits.

Spark Pretty sells online both on Etsy and Ebay! You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by guys, check out my blog’s Calendar to see what I’ll be up to next!

– Luxorlust

***sips tea***

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