What Your Passport Color Really Means

In focusing on our passport’s capabilities rather than their aesthetics, we skip over a key part of their origin story: Why do our passports look the way they do in the first place?

7 Things To Do Before Starting Your Own Business

How do you know when you’re finally “qualified” to quit your job and go out on your own? Becoming your own boss is a scary proposition, here are 7 things you must do before starting your own business.

Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event

I’ve only been in New York for 6 months but one of the things I miss most from Paris are the amaaaazing vintage stores littered around the Marais. I heard about the Manhattan Vintage Shopping Event that hosts over 75 of New York’s premiere vintage retailers and I was pleasantly surprised to find vintage from…

6 Career Lessons From the CEO Coach Who Trained Steve Jobs

Mentors are a great way to learn from someone you admire, but where do mentors go when they need advice? Bill Campbell, also known as Silicon Valley’s secret CEO coach, has been guiding top-level entrepreneurs for over three decades. He has worked with tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon, and was a close confidant and mentor to…

Trending this Spring: Bell Sleeves

Most fashion girls who keep up with the industry already know Bell Sleeves are going to be big this spring; but this post if for the rest of you!

What Every Successful Woman Does Before Noon

Once you get to the p.m., the most efficient, motivated women have tackled the most challenging things on their to-do lists and treated themselves with love. So what are all successful women doing before noon?

Brilliantly Chic: Inside a Parisian Apartment

his stunning apartment-studio hybrid is home to the young and talented design duo of Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay. The two lives and work together in this heavenly space for their own hip interior architecture company, Festen. From the Michael Anastassiades tube chandelier to the Yanagi butterfly stool, it’s clear that these are young designers to watch.

The Best Kind of Jewelry: Big, Bold Pieces

Though they’re not for the faint of heart, we have to admit fastening a larger-than-life earring to your lobe is an instant outfit lift. Not sure how to do it in real life? Check out these ideas…

Four Dresses That Will Rock Your Wadrobe

Keep scrolling to check out these four dresses that will rock your wardrobe, and shop each pick, too. Kate Bosworth: The Pinafore Dress Photo: Splash News We love a pinafore dress because you can style it many different ways depending on the season. Layer under a sweater like Kate here when it’s colder, and with a cool…

14 Items That Will Make You Stand Out in Any Crowd

Wanting to stand out in a crowd doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be the center of attention. Here are the 14 items that are sure to get you noticed no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Grace Coddington Steps Down at Vogue

Grace Coddington, the 74-year-old creative director of American Vogue, and an accidental celebrity since the 2009 documentary “The September Issue,” is dialing down her role at the magazine.

Emerging Style Icons: 2016

See the freshest looks of 2015 from the ladies who are primed to take over your Instagram feed and magazine covers this year.

Currently Trending: Iridescent Nail Polishes

From the runways to beauty bloggers, we’ve been noticing more and more luminous nail looks. Here’s a roundup of the best polishes to help get your digits glowing with this fun trend.

From New York, With Love

If there’s one thing New Yorkers know how to do when it’s freezing outside, it’s layer. Layer, layer, layer! Here are 16 street style looks straight from the pavement of the Big Apple to inspire you.

#BrowGameStrong: Best Eyebrow Products for Full Brows

As we all know it’s the season of ‘brow game’ at the moment, and if you want your brow game to be strong, you’ll have to get the right products. But, with the abundance of eyebrow products out there, figuring out which one is right for you can be overwhelming. That’s why we tried and tested…

Enter my hero: Amal Clooney is Back in the Spotlight

In the two years that Amal has been linked to George Clooney, I have never once seen her use her status to flaunt herself in front of the camera. And after two years and endless curiosity from the media and gossip columnists, she’s doing her very first interview to talk about this very important case.
If you’ve ever wondered just how morally upstanding is Amal Clooney, I highly encourage you to read this story or watch the interviews and witness the brilliance and righteousness firsthand.

Why The Government Should Pay Women To Learn Tech Skills

The government should use some of the $35 billion spent each year on unemployment and pay people to learn. Yes, pay people to learn. Imagine the single mom who is paid a monthly stipend to get trained on Samaschool’s platform as a virtual assistant, graphic designer or copywriter. This takes them off the welfare system and makes them feel empowered and a sense of belonging.

Hiding Odors? Try Squelch.

Try Squelch–the natural, scentless odor remover. Spray it on clothing, furniture, or yourself! It’s a quick, easy, no-fuss solution that fits right in your purse or office drawer.

The Blogosphere Pays Off More Than Ever

While once seen as a front-row novelty — and perhaps a fad — many of the top bloggers now are increasingly brands in their own right who generate most of their income from endorsements or working with leading companies as part of their marketing and promotions campaigns.

Inspired by Emma Watson: My Feminist Book List for 2016

Emma Watson’s decision to launch her book club is a great way to get other women involved and learning about women’s issues, which inspired me to write about the feminist books I’m planning to read in 2016. I hope they encourage you to jump on the feminist book-club train if you already haven’t; all aboard!

5 Public Speaking Tips That Actually Work

Whether that be in the form of class projects, pitch proposals, or bridesmaid wedding speeches, being able to get in front of a crowd is a particularly good skill to carry with you throughout life. So here are a few tips I’ve learned that can help you take some of the panic out of public speaking.

Last Minute NYE 2016 Shopping Guide!

Still don’t have your NYE 2016 outfit planned? Don’t worry, I don’t either! I’m the queen of last minute shopping, and this year is no different. So thank god for Fast Fashion–specifically Nasty Gal–who ship clothes within 48 hours. Even better, they are up on the NYE 2016 trends–plus, they’re cheap! Happy New Years from Luxorlust, looking forward to seeing you all in the 2016!

Stranger Than Fiction

I’ve been in New York for nearly 3 months and I am finally starting to settle into my life here. November has been a really big month for me, and I’m very excited to share some good news with my regular readers and everyone who helped get me out here! First things first, a few…

The Choker-Bandeau Top Trend

I spy a new fashion trend! Who else is ready to rock the Choker-Bandeau Top trend this New Years? We’ve already seen our favorite fashion starlets modeling the trend, now it’s your turn. Get the look: Shop Onia’s Laura Choker Bandeau Top for $90.00 Shop American Apparel’s Choker Top for $38.00 NastyGal’s Motel Whudda Croc…

2015 in Review: The Year of Feminism in Pop Culture!

The success of Feminism in today’s pop-culture landscape should by all means be celebrated! We’ve made it! But, 2016 is just around the corner and it’s likely to bring a rapidly growing number of venture capitalists who believe that feminist media is worth investing in for the sake of making money, not to empower women.

7 Wearable Tech Trends To Know

And as I make my way further into the tech world, I’ve noticed how big of a market there is for fashion in tech. The more I learn about tech the less I am surprised by this, as both the social media industry and online shopping industry cater overwhelming to women. We are the target market because there is both a large demand from women for products and services that combine fashion and tech as well as companies who are eager to supply them.

New York is Paris – Pictures from the Rally

My heart aches for Paris and those of us who lost someone in this hateful, cowardly attack. But I absolutely urge my friends in Paris to keep their hearts and minds open, especially to the Syrian refugees who are fleeing from the same bloodshed that occurs daily in their home country. Terrorism has no religion, and we are all in this together.

All Hail: How Adele’s Rolling Stone Cover Destroys the Male Gaze

What does it say about a culture when it’s considered “daring” to put a woman on a magazine cover without the pretense of sex? Adele’s new Rolling Stone cover, a tangent to her breathlessly anticipated reemergence, does just that, and it’s striking. Since the birth of art criticism, images of women have been read largely as subject to the male gaze, and it’s rare, even in this fourth wave of feminism, to see an image of a woman rejecting that gaze. She’s either languishing in it, or watching herself being watched. But Adele and Rolling Stone renounce this.

7 Personality Traits of High-Performing Women and How to Get Them

Women are generally outnumbered by men in leadership roles, but that doesn’t mean we have to be content to take a backseat. You’ve probably noticed how many women are natural-born leaders and seemingly able to perform well in almost any situation. As it turns out, there are several personality traits these women tend to have. Keep reading to learn more about them and how to develop them so they’re more prominent in your life.

In the Name of Love

“Do what you love” disguises the fact that being able to choose a career primarily for personal reward is an unmerited privilege, a sign of that person’s socioeconomic class. Even if a self-employed graphic designer had parents who could pay for art school and cosign a lease for a slick Brooklyn apartment, she can self-righteously bestow DWYL as career advice to those covetous of her success.

Amber Rose, Feminism, and Contemporary Pop Culture

On Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Amber Rose held her widely anticipated Slut Walk in Los Angeles. And while I was of course expecting some negativity, I was in no way prepared for the hateful commentary and backlash that ensued. Feminist backlash–which involves a direct, explicit refutation of feminism as misguided and bad for women [1] is…

Trending this Fall: the True Romantic

What’s trending this fall? According to Harper’s Bazaar it’s a perfect blend of sugar and spice: meet the True Romantic. She effortlessly balances the girlish elements of the Victorian era — ruffles, lace and high collars — by teaming them with street styling staples — think leather layers and studded accessories.  True Romantic Fashionista Staple Pieces

Is Instagram The New Breeding Ground For Body Shamers?

When I was 17, I was stupid enough to give a friend of mine who was trying to lose weight this advice “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This was stupid for a number of reasons but the three most important ones were 1) I had always been naturally skinny and had never experienced…

Front & Center: Fashion Week Front Row Favorites

Welcome to the Front Row of Paris Fashion Week–the most prestigious of all fashion weeks. The men and women selected to sit front row are among the most fashionable celebrities and fashionistas in the biz. Didn’t make the cut this year? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Here are the best and brightest from this…

Fall Fashion: Over-the-Knee Boots

So this weekend I came across an amazing fashion blog that showcased my favorite fall fashion trend: over-the-knee boots! The fashion blogger put together a selection of boots that she likes (below), giving me the idea to put together my own collection of my favorite over-the-knee boot fashion moments over the last few years. (Below)…

One month in the Big Apple: First Impressions

I have been living in New York for almost one month (!). Yet, the fact that I have had barely any time to visit the city, meet up with my friends, blog–or basically do anything that isn’t working or looking for an apartment–tells you just about all you need to know about living in this…

Paris Fashion Week 2015 – Street Style

It’s finally post fashion week, and as usual, nobody does it better than the Parisians. Here are my favorite street style looks from this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Photos from Harper’s Bazaar:

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to my first update on moving to New York! As many of you know, I recently moved from Paris to New York to work in the Executive Office of the Secretary General at the United Nations. This past week has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life as I arrived just in…

#BurningMan 2015

Just some of my favorite images from Burning Man 2015 These photos can be accessed here


This year was the 11th annual Afropunk Music Festival, which took place in Brooklyn. Afropunk is a music, arts and cultural festival that celebrates the beauty and vibrance of black and multicultural communities as well as the punk genre and style. Over the last eleven years Afropunk has become a movement that represents a safe space…